Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mac Costmetic's Hello Kitty Postcards

I chose to create the die line into the shape of the Hello Kitty logo to bring instant recognition towards the brand. I believe that in doing so, it would also add value to the postcard, making it something that the receivers would want to keep, even if they don’t buy the products. I decided to go with 110lb paper, 0.011” thick. In doing so, I gave the whiskers of the cat a bit more structure, without going over-board on the thickness of the paper. The spot gloss varnish being carried over all of the ink on the front really brings more interest to the postcard. It also gives something more for the receiver to run their hands across, and adds some texture to the piece. I chose to use a gloss varnish so that the light would reflect the accurate colours, while adding more depth to the card.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mac Makeup Re-branding

Mac brand re-design. The project was called '8', and I created the brand around the octagon shape. In order to better protect the products, the packaging consists of a matte rubber varnish, and all products open by sliding the magnetic lid to the side, preventing packaging to randomly open and break when you drop them. Packaging is also more streamline Canadian Airport standards, and contain airtight seals to prevent contents from spilling and over-heating.

CrazyCrafts Brochure

What's more exciting as a kid than to open mail that is addressed to YOU!? I loved working on this project for a brochure that would be sent out to all CrazyCraft customers. Upon opening the brown paper envelope, you will see the recycled paper brochure/card, that contains a die-line with gold varnish along the edges. Inside the brochure, there is a small pocket full of goodies! This includes stickers, a dry finger-paint palette, and most importantly, a very cool coupon for CrazyCraft products. Instructions on the back of the coupon include an easy-to-read guide for kids and parents to go online and insert the coupon code for great deals. I wish I got one of these when I was a kid!

Black and White

This digital painting was my first completed in Greyscale Mode. I'm really enjoying painting portraits lately, and am super excited to be putting even more into my portfolio!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Digital Portrait

I was working on this one for quite a few weeks now, and have finally completed this portrait! I painted this in Photoshop, and for those who know my techniques, I cannot stand having tons of layers! I am super organized when it comes to such things, so this definitely helped me get more acquainted working with multiple layers. If anyone would like to see my reference, let me know!